About Us

We are an informal grouping of small businesses that united together with common goals and interests.
Our mission is "To Increase Public Awareness and Promote Commerce in the Greater Pultneyville Area, In a way that Maintains the Historic Atmosphere and Charm of the Hamlet.". Our geographic area is bounded on the west by Fisher Rd, on the east by Townline Rd, on the north by Lake Ontario, and on the south by the railroad tracks.
Pultneyville is a quaint historic hamlet of Williamson NY, conveniently located on the Seaway Trail, just a short 20 mile drive from Rochester, NY.

Where to Find Us

 1. The Pultneyville Grill 
4135 Mill St, Pultneyville
 2. The Artisan's Loft
4135 Mill St, Pultneyville
4. BeaLine Interiors
4137 Mill Street, Pultneyville, NY
6. Raked South
Garden B&B

7826 Jay St., Pultneyville

7. Good Old Days Country Shop      7643 Jay St. Pultneyville

 8. Young Sommer Winery
4287 Jersey Rd, Williamson 
9. Lagoner Farms
6895 Lake Ave, Williamson
-Farm Markets-

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